Virtual Bike Tours

Virtual Bike Tours

Ride with us in Italy from the comfort of your own home

While dreaming about your next bike tour in Italy, join us to virtually pedal along some of the most beautiful and suggestive real roads of our country. Thanks to today’s augmented reality technology you will have the chance to experience a completely new way to enjoy our virtual bike tours from home connecting to the innovative digital format. Hop on your smart trainer and let’s have fun together!  

Dolomites Virtual Bike Tour - Pedalitaly-min

Dolomites Virtual Bike Tour

Have you ever cycled in the Dolomites? Join the next virtual tour and discover this unique cycling destination.

Siena Virtual Bike Tour-min

Siena Virtual Bike Tour

Are you interested in discovering more about our Siena? Join the next virtual tour.

Bologna Virtual Bike Tour-min

Bologna Virtual Bike Tour

Join the next Bologna virtual tour and enjoy exploring this breathtaking cycling destination.

Join us for a virtual tour!

Eager to discover more about the immersive world of virtual cycling experiences in the picturesque landscapes of Italy? Connect with us today and seize the opportunity to be part of an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and discovery.

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Have you ever dreamed about a multi-day bike tour in Italy?

Explore Italy's country roads with our seasoned professionals, boasting over two decades of expertise. Immerse yourself in local history, culture, and cuisine as you ride. Tailored for all levels, from seasoned cyclists to beginners, our multiday bike tours offer a unique Italian experience. Join us and discover Italy like never before.

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