About Pedalitaly

Who we are

Pedalitaly, a brand under the Ciclismoplus umbrella, specializes in curating boutique bicycle tours within Italy, offering a unique blend of physical and virtual experiences. This innovative approach, known as the ‘Neverending Cycling’ model, was conceived during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and seamlessly integrated into Ciclismoplus Srl in 2023. By combining the allure of Italy’s enchanting destinations with the convenience of virtual cycling, Pedalitaly ensures an unparalleled year-round cycling experience, captivating enthusiasts from around the globe.

Why Pedalitaly

Welcome to Pedalitaly, where our passion for cycling meets a dedication to showcasing the best of Italy. As a team of professionals blending managerial expertise with love for our country, our mission is clear: to provide you with the ultimate “Made in Italy” cycling adventure. What makes us stand out is our commitment to personalized care—handling every detail from planning to realization. As true Italians, we intimately know our land, traditions, and the hidden gems that make Italy unique. Anticipate excellence in every aspect of your journey—riding top-tier bikes, savouring authentic Trattoria meals, and staying in carefully selected accommodation. Your time with us ensures an intimate and unforgettable experience, forging newfound friendships with fellow cycling enthusiasts. For us, cycling is a shared passion, embracing the sensations of fresh air, sun warmth, and vibrant colours. Our exclusive small-group tours guarantee an immersive journey through the beauty of Italy. Join us for a bike tour in Italy beyond the ordinary—let the enchantment of our country become your story, etched in heart and memory.

Daily Bike Tours in Lucca with a professional cycling guide

Ride like a pro in Italy

Enjoy our pro-level services even if you’re not a professional racer

Daily Bike Tours in Florence with a professional cycling guide

Boutique Bike Tours

Experience our exclusive cycling tours with groups of no more than 8 riders

Daily Bike Tours in Lucca with a professional cycling guide

Local professional staff

Ride with a team of locals with over twenty years’ cycling experience

Daily Bike Tours in Florence with a professional cycling guide

Tailor-made Bike Tours

Ever dreamed about a bike tour in Italy? We’ll design the best bike tour for you and your friends

Join us to ride in Italy like never before

Find out more about Ciclismoplus

Ciclismoplus S.r.l. is a fully authorized inbound cycling touring company, specializing in delivering premium bike rental services and the conception and execution of top-tier cycling tours throughout Italy.

Meet the team

We are a team of professionals, boasting extensive managerial expertise and a wealth of cycling experience. Our unifying force is a profound passion for both cycling and Italy.

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