Daily Bike Tours in Emilia Romagna

Cycling in Emilia Romagna

Our daily bike tours in Emilia Romagna offer a unique and unforgettable experience, as our expert guides, who are fluent in both English and Italian, take you on a journey through some of the most stunning landscapes of this region. Whether you prefer riding a road bike or an e-bike, our tours are tailored to your interests and preferences. Join us for one of our daily cycling tours in Emilia Romagna today.


Daily Bike Tours in Bologna with a professional cycling guide

Daily Bike Tours in Bologna

Join us and discover Bologna’s iconic and picturesque hills surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.


Daily Bike Tours in Modena with a professional cycling guide

Daily Bike Tours in Modena

Join our expert guides for an unforgettable cycling adventure! From the serene flat countryside to the exhilarating challenges of the Apennines, Modena has it all.
Join us to ride in Emilia Romagna like a local

Have you ever dreamed about a multi-day bike tour in Italy?

Explore Italy's country roads with our seasoned professionals, boasting over two decades of expertise. Immerse yourself in local history, culture, and cuisine as you ride. Tailored for all levels, from seasoned cyclists to beginners, our multiday bike tours offer a unique Italian experience. Join us and discover Italy like never before.

Looking to rent a bike in Italy?

Rent a premium bike with Ciclismoplus, your key to unlocking remarkable cycling experiences through Italy's captivating landscapes. Positioned prominently in Lucca and Florence, and with expansion plans underway, Ciclismoplus's focus is on delivering top-tier bike rental services throughout Italy.

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