Terms and Conditions - Bike Rental


Please try the bike at the pick-up stage before signing this form. We decline any responsibilities for malfunctions occurring after the pick-up!


Rental bikes come with flat pedals and our standard kit which includes a seat bag with a spare CO2, spare tube, and two tire levers.


CICLISMOPLUS SRL (“Company”) | Client (“Lessee”)

I, (“Lessee”) by my signature below, agree to be bound by all the following provisions relating to the use of Company equipment (“Bicycle”).

1. Bicycle Return.

Lessee agrees to return the Bicycle to Company in the same condition as received, except for ordinary wear and tear (which does not include flat tires), on the due date and time and at the location specified by Company at the time of rental. Lessee agrees to return the Bicycle sooner if so demanded by Company. Lessee understands that there may be rate or special charges if Lessee returns the Bicycle at a different time, date, or location than indicated in this Agreement.

2. Repossessing the Bicycle.

Company may repossess the Bicycle at any time if: (I) the Bicycle is used in violation of law; (2) it appears the Bicycle is abandoned, (3) the Bicycle is used in violation of any term or condition in this Agreement, (4) Lessee made a misrepre¬sentation Company, or (5) Lessee fails to return the Bicycle when due. The company is not required to notify Lessee in advance of repossession.

3. Damage to Bicycle.

Lessee shall pay Company for all losses and/or damage to the Bicycle, regardless of fault (e.g. Lessee agrees to pay for the loss even though someone else caused the damage or is at fault). Lessee is also responsible for all theft or vandalism losses, even if Lessee is not at fault for making the theft or vandalism possible. If the Bicycle is damaged, Lessee agrees to pay the reasonable costs of repair and diminution in value, if any. If the Bicycle is damaged beyond reasonable repair (as determined by Company), Lessee shall be responsible for the retail fair market value less any salvage value if applicable.

4. Payment.

Lessee agrees to pay upon demand: A. All rates, charges, (including those applicable to miscellaneous services and equipment), plus applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges (if applicable), which may apply to the Bicycle rental. B. Charges for loss and/or damage to the Bicycle by paragraph 3. Lessee understands that all charges are not final and are subject to audit. Lessee specifically agrees and authorizes Company to make any charges by the method of payment used by Lessee at the time of reservation and/or rental, including Lessee’s credit card if that form of payment is utilized.

5. General Provisions.

A. Lessee represents that the information contained in this Rental Agreement is true, accurate, and complete. If any information is not true, accurate, or complete in any respect, Lessee agrees that Company has the right to terminate this Agreement with or without notice.


B. Lessee agrees that Lessee will be responsible for any unauthorized repairs or modifications to the Bicycle. Lessee understands that Company will not reimburse Lessees for any authorized repairs without receipt(s). C. Lessee understands that in no event shall Lessee be deemed to be an agent, servant, or employee of the Company in any manner for any purpose whatsoever. Lessee agrees that Company does not waive any rights under this agreement except in writing signed by the Company officer.


I, (“Lessee”) by my signature below, consent to the processing of my personal data contained in this document and in my recognition document, a copy of which I have just released to the “Company”, for the purpose of these rental conditions.



The bikes are equipped with a repair kit that includes 2 tire levers, 1 inner tube, 1 Co2. In case these items are used during the rental period, the prices to be refunded at the end of the rental period are the following: Inner tubes €5,00 – Spare Tire €30,00 – Co2 €2,50 In the case that the Repair Kit is lost, the price to be refunded is €25,00 In the case that the tire is damaged the price to be refunded is €30,00.



In the case that a bike component is damaged the price to be refunded is the one shown on www.canyon.com or on the producer’s website (e.g. Shimano.com) In the case of scratches, you will be asked to pay at least €100,00 per scratch. In any case, the damage will be evaluated and you will be asked to pay the reasonable costs of repair and/or diminution in value.

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