Lucca to Assisi Bike Tour

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Embark on an extraordinary seven-day journey through the heart of Italy on our Lucca to Assisi Bike Tour. It’s not just a cycling trip; it’s a voyage through history, culture, and the breathtaking landscapes that have witnessed the heroic feats of legendary cyclist Gino Bartali during World War II. As you pedal through these enchanting roads, you’ll uncover the same paths ridden by Bartali, who courageously saved numerous Jews from peril. Marvel at the expansive panoramas and absorb the luxury of natural beauty that surrounds you. We’ll guide you through Lucchesia and Chianti, where the rolling hills are blanketed with lush woodlands, vineyards, and silver-green olive groves. You’ll explore timeless villages, savouring delightful cuisine and excellent wines at our handpicked trattorias, and discover hidden artistic treasures with the expertise of our local bilingual staff. Expect not only exceptional cycling but also a wealth of off-bike entertainment that will leave you both satisfied and inspired. Join us for a journey that will capture your heart and ignite your sense of adventure.

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