Dolomites Bike Tour

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For seasoned travellers who believe they’ve seen it all, the Dolomites promise to be a revelation. Our Dolomites Bike Tour, hosted at the exclusive Tyrol Hotel, a proud member of the Ciclismoplus Bike Hotel Selection, offers an exceptional week of cycling that will leave even the most experienced riders in awe. Our journey through the Dolomites invites you to traverse remarkable roads and conquer iconic mountain passes, all within some of the most breathtaking landscapes ever witnessed by cyclists. The sheer magnificence of these surroundings has the power to captivate and astound even the most discerning traveller. Our routes will take us on a discovery of the Dolomites’ hidden gems, including some of the most challenging climbs that define this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prepare to be awed by the grandeur of nature and the thrill of conquering these mountain roads. As part of this cycling adventure, our esteemed Chef Alessandro Martinelli will tantalize your taste buds with delectable dishes perfectly paired with splendid local wines. Your senses will be treated to an exquisite culinary journey that complements the grandeur of the Dolomites. Join us on this unforgettable cycling tour and prepare to be amazed.

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