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The world of PEDALITALY took shape in 2020, the year of the indoor sports boom, when technology combined with augmented reality, made indoor cycling fun and engaging, eliminating boredom.

It was during this particular moment in history that we had a vision: to discover Italy on a bike at any time and from anywhere in the world.

PEDALITALY was created with the aim of allowing passionate cyclists from all over the world to participate in the most important Italian cycling competitions and to discover the most beautiful destinations in our country.

In the safety and privacy of your own room, you can take part in a race with cyclists from different countries, commentated in live streaming by professional speakers, or take part in bike tours organised in the most beautiful and iconic locations in Italy, joined by an expert cycling guide.


“Virtual and Real Cycling” says the payoff, because PEDALITALY not only organise virtual tours and races, but also real ones in collaboration with selected and qualified partners, motivating cyclists on smart trainers towards participating one day in a real bike tour or event in the same places and territories they have discovered thanks to augmented reality and digital technology.


PEDALITALY is a brand of Nexp, the start-up co-founded by Engagigo, owner of the ENDU platform and leader in endurance sports in Italy, and Gabriele Mirra, a former senior manager and entrepreneur in the world of high-level cycling tourism in Italy.


The project has already won an important award. It has ranked as the third most innovative project in Italy among 334 start-ups competing in the FactorYmpresa Turismo programme promoted by MiBACT, managed by Invitalia and dedicated to the Italian cycle-tourism industry.

Nexp has signed an agreement with Rouvy, a cycling virtual reality platform, becoming its exclusive partner for Italy.

The company headquarters is in Lucca, in the heart of Tuscany. Lucca is a city well known by cycling enthusiasts as one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, that many professional cyclists choose for training thanks to the variety of routes that its territory offers.

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