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Pedaling gets minds moving – Strade Bianche Bike Tour

Pedaling gets minds moving – Strade Bianche Bike Tour:

This Bike Tour in Tuscany was not planned for this 2019, until one sunny winter day, when pedaling towards the Cappella, Gabriele and Paladino, co-founders of ChronoPlus, minds got moving.Once they rode to the top of the 8 Km steep hill – a favourite of ours for our winter training camp – they stopped, took in the view and started sharing ideas. It was clear to them that it was time to pull out a surprise, by creating a pop-up Bike Tour.

How the event became Official:

A few calls were made by Paladino and in a few days the bike tour was overbooked! From the first day excitement grew around this unique event.

The ChronoPlus Team changed gear. Emails and messages were sent, calls were made. Our graphic designer Francesca came up with some great digital material. In two weeks the idea had become Official.

Strade Bianche Bike Tour 2019 here we come.

Where the event takes place:

Since 2007 the growth of this granfondo has been enormous. In just a few years the event has acquired great fame. The race takes part in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Siena. We will be riding on the country lanes and farm tracks, twisting through the hills and vineyards of the Chianti region.

History of the event:

All this excitement got me thinking and wondering about the history behind this race however there is not much history before 2007. I did come across “the forgotten 120 year history of the Strade Bianche” article wrote by Chris Fontecchio. I found myself hypnotised by it’s content, great article full of incredible stories.

In bocca al lupo to all it’s participants:

The Strade Bianche is for sure a spetacular bike event to take part in and for this reason we wish everyone that will be present, a great day. Enjoy cycling in Tuscany and don’t let the day finish without tasting the amazing food and vino.In bocca al lupo from the C+ Team.

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Gino Bartali Hero Event

An amazing cycling tour along the Italian cycling legend Gino Bartali’s route

Gino Bartali is famous for being one of Italy’s greatest cycling legends winning the Giro d’Italia in 1936 and in 1937 and the Tour de France in 1938. His victories meant national pride and fascist prestige to Benito Mussolini, the country’s fascist leader. For these reasons Gino Bartali became immediately a national hero and soon had to get used to living in the spotlight. However Bartali – who was also known as the Pious because he was a devout Catholic – had a secret – a secret he kept for almost his life. 

A huge number of Jews escaped to Florence in 1943 when the Nazis occupied several northen and central parts of Italy. In Florence the rabbi turned to the Cardinal of Florence for help. The Cardinal asked Bartali to join a secret network which involved saving a large number of Jewish refugees carrying out anastonishing fake ID operation. Gino Bartali bacame a courier and travelled thousands and thousands of miles, riding from Florence to Lucca, Genoa, Assisi and Rome, carrying fotographs and counterfeit identity documents thanks to which the Jews could avoid persecution. All the documents were hidden in the frame and the handlebars of Gino Bartali’s bicycle and when the police stopped him he asked not to touch his bike since the different parts had been perfectly calibrated to achieve maximum results. He is believed to have helped at least 800 Jews escape the Nazis. The route he took has become legendary and it will always be a reminder of Bartali’s heroism during wartime. He was awarded with the Honour Righteous Among the Nations in 2013.

ChronoPlus in co-operation with the Israel Cycling Academy is organizing some unique cycle events in tribute to Gino Bartali which will take place next May 2019. Further information will be online in the following weeks. Partecipants will be cycling in Italy in some ofthe most beautiful regions (Tuscany and Umbria) riding along the route taken by one of Italy’s greatest heroes and will have one of their best cycling holidays in their lives.

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Giro d'Italia 2018 - ChronòPlus

C+ and Giro d’Italia 2018

ChronòPlus is organizing a special event that will take place in Israel. For the first time, the “Giro d’Italia” will start off from the European borders; the race will offer three stages in the Israeli territory and ChronòPlus will be there with the professional cycling teams to honor the great Righteous Among the Nations Gino Bartali, and to give its customers an extraordinary sports and human experience. Stay tuned and join us!
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