How to participate

Technical guide PEDALITALY Virtual Races

This document contains the requirements and technical instructions for participation.

What you need to participate

  • An ENDU account (if you don’t have an account create one here)*
  • A ROUVY account (if you don’t have an account create one here)
  • ROUVY application installed on your computer/tablet (download here)
  • A compatible SMART roller

*Only for events with ENDU.NET registration platform.

1. How to participate

You can only participate with a compatible SMART roller. To check if the roller is compatible with the ROUVY application, see the complete list on

If you have an interactive (or controllable – the resistance of the roller is controlled by the software according to the slope of the route) smart trainer (roller) compatible with the ROUVY application you can participate in the virtual race with the maximum degree of sports involvement.

The interactive SMART rollers are in fact equipped with power, cadence and speed calculators and can be connected to computers, tablets or Apple TV via Bluetooth or ANT+ wireless mode. They offer the highest degree of real experience with dynamic slope adaptation.

2. Install the ROUVY application

Create an account

Participation in the Pedalitaly Virtual Race is conditional on the use of the ROUVY software (, the well-known virtual training platform that faithfully reproduces routes and tracks from all over the world .

If you do not have a ROUVY account, the first thing you need to do is to create a new one for free on We ask you to enter real data and possibly use the same registration email to ENDU (write an email to to report any discrepancies). Please make sure that your name and surname entered on ROUVY are correct.

ROUVY Subscription

ROUVY is a free virtual cycling platform for the first 14 days of use.
Thanks to the partnership between ROUVY and PEDALITALY, each member will be guaranteed free participation in the scheduled event (limited to the duration of the event). It is therefore not necessary to subscribe to ROUVY to join the event.

Download and install the application

Once you have registered your account you will need to install ROUVY software on your PC, Mac, tablet or Apple TV. To install the correct version for your device go to and download the ROUVY AR app.

To find out which version of the software is compatible with your instrument, consult the ROUVY helpdesk.
PEDALITALY is not responsible for any malfunction of the ROUVY software installed on your device.

Connect the SMART roller

For detailed instructions on how to connect your SMART rollers to the software, please refer to the official instructions on
The connection between the roller and ROUVY is very simple and often automatic. To associate your tool, click on the box located in the top left of the program’s home page. Select each sensor detected at that point.

For more information on how to connect your roller to the software consult the ROUVY helpdesk.

Sign in to the event

Registration and access to the correct event published on the ROUVY calendar is carried out directly by PEDALITALY before the official departure without any user operation.
From 60 minutes before the official start it is possible to enter the starting grid by selecting the race you have entered (highlighted in green) and pressing START:

  • Login to ROUVY application by entering user and password
  • Select the “Event” button located in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Select “My events” to view the list of events in which you are registered
  • Click on the event in which you want to participate
  • Press “Download video” to download the video of the course

Download the video of the track

For a complete and spectacular experience with augmented reality we strongly encourage you to DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO in the hours before the event.

3. Organize your pedaling station

The preparation of the pedaling station requires maximum attention and care in order to fully enjoy the experience of an indoor granfondo, but above all not to run into harmful physical problems. Choose the location carefully, the position of the computer and keep liquid and solid supplements at hand.


Open spaces undoubtedly guarantee the best possible ventilation. However, in particularly hot conditions or for those who do not have the possibility to pedal outside we recommend a cool position, possibly near a window and with the use of a fan running from the beginning of the activity.

Location of computer or tablet

The best position for the monitor of the route is in front at a minimum distance of one meter and 30cm lower than the horizontal line of the eyes. With this posture you will not unnecessarily strain your neck muscles. You can use a specific table, shelf or support.

Liquids & Salts

Indoor cycling produces a massive amount of sweating, which is significantly higher to outdoor activities. It is therefore essential to constantly replenish your body by taking liquids and salts (no more than every 15 minutes). Prepare at least a pair of ready-to-use water bottles. We advise you to drink enough even before exercise and to have bars and gels to assimilate if necessary.

4. Ask for support

If you are in difficulty at any stage described above or for any kind of support write to or chat on Whatsapp/Telegram at +39 340 4161503.

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