Virtual Cycling

virtual cycling in italy


You can do an incredible amount of excersise from your living room or garage, spaces that in jargon are called “paincave” because working out on a smart trainer requires a lot of effort, especially if you participate in a virtual race or follow a training session with professional coaches. Pedalitaly offers all lovers of indoor cycling many formats from racing to training, but also touring as we take you to cycle in the most beautiful destinations in Italy with our expert guides.

Virtual Race

Everyone can be found on the starting grids of the Pedalitaly virtual races! From former professionals to amateur cyclists gather from all over the world and come together virtually with the sole aim of having fun pedaling along the roads of the most famous Granfondo events or stages of the Giro d'Italia.

Virtual Tour

The most evocative roads of the beautiful country are ready to be cycled from the comfort of your home thanks to the Rouvy platform. During our tours, a team of expert guides will pedal with you immersed in the Italian landscapes whilst sharing artistic-cultural and eno-gastronomic insights about the destination you are cycling in.

Virtual Workout

For those who want to continue to improve their cycling abilities, Pedalitay offers training courses for small groups led by former professional cyclists and experienced coaches. The workouts are designed not only to improve performance on smart trainers, but also to prepare athletes for the outdoor cycling season.

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