Pedalitaly Ride & Win

Pedalitaly Ride & Win



NEXP S.r.l. with a registered office in Lucca (Lu) Via Vittorio Veneto 72 Cap 55100 – C.F. 02583580465 (referred to as the “Promoter”).


ENGAGIGO S.r.l. With a registered office in via F. Paciotto 6/A Vigatto, Località Alberi PR Tax code 02804190342

LUNAR SPORT S.r.l. with a registered office in via Via Miglio 2, 21045 – Gazzada Schianno (VA) VAT No. and Tax code 03030530129 (referred to as Associates)


Clipper Srl – with a registered office in viale Caterina da Forlì 32 – 20146 – Milan – VAT No. and Tax Code 06601410159 (referred to as “Delegate”)


Contest called “Pedalitaly Ride & Win” (referred to as “Contest”)


The Competition will take place throughout Italy.


The Competition will be advertised from 23 March 2022 and will run according to the following phases:

  • Phase 1 participation until 30 March 2022
  • Phase 2 participation until 31 December 2022 23.59′,59” (referred to as “Duration”).

The draws will take place according to the following schedule:

  • Phase 1 = by 15 April 2022
  • Phase 2 = by 31 January 2023


The Competition is open to all users, aged 18 years or over on the date of participation (referred to as Participants). The Competition shall not be open to employees of the Promoter and the Delegate, or any person who has contributed to the implementation of the Competition.


Participation in the Competition takes place via the Site at the cost established by the personal tariff plan agreed with the provider by the individual user (the Promoter is not an Internet provider and does not benefit from the connection to the network).

For the purposes of the Competition, the servers that record the Participants’ data and individual entries are located in Italy.


The Competition will be advertised to Participants on the website, where the complete rules will also be available. Any further forms of online communication (promoter’s social media campaigns, advertising banners, etc.) and offline communication that may be necessary will be consistent with these regulations.


The aim of the Competition is to promote awareness of the Promoter’s and Associates’ brands and products.


In order to achieve the aim described above, this competition is being organized and will take place as follows.

Phase 1

During the duration of Phase 1, all Participants wishing to take part in the Virtual Race shall, via, access the registration page and enter all the personal data requested as compulsory to register for the Virtual Race on 30 March 2022. All registered participants who have actually taken part in the Virtual Race that will take place on 30th March 2022 will participate in the draw for the dedicated prizes described below.

Phase 2

All those who have validly taken part in Phase 1 will participate, automatically, in Phase 2 which foresees the drawing of a final super prize.

All those who, through the site, will have made, by 31 December at 23.59′,59′, at least one purchase of any amount relating to products and/or Pedalitaly events indicated from time to time, may also participate in this competition phase.

Please note that:

  • for each order (single purchase transaction) validly made through the Website by 31 December at 23.59′,59”, the Participant shall take part in the draw only once, regardless of the amount spent and/or the number of Products/events purchased
  • the same Participant shall take part in the draw as many times as the number of single orders validly completed on the Website by 31 December at 23.59′,59”.
  • any orders that are canceled, revoked or in any case not completed for any reason whatsoever shall not be considered and shall not allow the Participant to take part in the draw.


In Milan at the Delegate’s office or at another location to be agreed, in the presence of a notary public or the person responsible for consumer protection and public faith at the Chamber of Commerce with territorial jurisdiction, the draws will be held according to the following schedule:

  • Phase 1 = by 15 April 2022
  • Phase 2 = by 31 January 2023

From the printout containing the Participants who have validly taken part in Phase 1, 2 winners and 2 reserves will be drawn

From the printout containing the Participants who have validly taken part in Phase 2, 1 winner and 3 reserves will be drawn

The reserves will take the place of the first drawn in the event of default or unavailability of the first drawn.

The same Participant may only win a maximum of one prize per Round.

The Promoter reserves the right to verify compliance with the participation rules by the Participants before validating the winnings and to request the document certifying the purchase of Pedaitaly products and/or events during the period in question.



Each winner will be personally notified immediately after the draw by means of an e-mail to the e-mail address provided at the time of registration.

The winner will have to formally accept or transfer the prize to a third party by returning, within and no later than 5 calendar days from the sending of the e-mail communication, a special form.

In the absence of a response from the winners within the deadline indicated, the corresponding reserve will be contacted in the same way and within the same time frame.

Following the acceptance or transfer of the prize, the winners of the prizes in Phase 1 will receive a further e-mail communication that will also contain all the information useful for the use of the prize: failure to send the required documentation by the indicated deadline or its incomplete transmission will result in the transfer of any prize won to the ONLUS indicated below.

It should be noted that participation in the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel implies acceptance of and compliance with all the clauses contained in the latest Regulations available at

The Promoter assumes no responsibility in relation to the winner for whom:

  • the mailbox is full;
  • the e-mail indicated during registration is incorrect or incomplete;
  • there is no response from the host computer after sending the email notifying the win;
  • the mailbox is disabled;
  • the e-mail indicated during registration is included in a black-list;
  • the e-mail sent is not received by the Participant or ends up in spam and/or is not read


Phase 1 Each winner (no. 2 winners) will win

  • the entry to the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel for two people to be held on 3 July 2022 in Alta Badia. The value of the prize is € 300.00 including VAT.

Phase 2 The winner will win

  • 1 Technogym Ride with an approximate value of € 4.850,00 including VAT


The total indicative prize fund amounts to € 5,450.00 including VAT.

A guarantee will be provided for this amount in favor of the Ministry of Economic Development.


Participation in the competition implies acceptance of all the clauses of these regulations.

Any prizes not requested or not awarded, other than those refused, will be donated to the FONDAZIONE FRANCESCA RAVA, a non-profit organization of social utility, in accordance with the law.

Ancillary and useful expenses to benefit from the prizes will be borne by the winners.

Please note that entries which do not comply with these regulations will not be considered valid.

The Promoter reserves the right to request a copy of the Participants identity document. Any such request will be made by e-mail to the address used for registration. Failure to provide the documentation or its incomplete transmission within the term of 5 calendar days from the request or its non-compliance will result in the exclusion from participation and the conferral of any prize won to the ONLUS previously indicated.

The prizes will be delivered within the terms provided for by law (within 180 days from the conclusion of the prize competition) and in any case in time to be able to benefit from them.

Any amendments that may be made to these Regulations during the course of the event shall be communicated in advance to the Participants, using the same communication methods reserved for the Regulations. Any amendments and/or additions to these Rules shall not, in any case, result in any infringement of the rights acquired by the Participants in the Competition and shall be made in compliance with the protection of public faith and the principle of equal treatment.

The Promoter accepts no liability for any problems of a technical nature beyond its control (network overload, failure of the national network, incorrect configuration of the user’s computer/device, incompatibility of the device used for participation, etc.) that may prevent Participants from taking part in this Competition.

The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any problems caused by the configuration of the Participant’s device and the way in which it is connected to the internet, which may affect participation in this Competition.

For the protection of all Participants, the Promoter reserves the right not to accept entries made in a manner that appears to be designed to circumvent the restrictions of the Competition Rules; in the event that the fraudulent purpose is revealed in the stages following the awarding of the prize, the prize will not be confirmed and the Promoter reserves the right to take any other action deemed useful to ensure the proper conduct of the Competition.

The prizes up for grabs are not convertible into money, nor is the winner entitled to claim, with or without the addition of money, the possibility of receiving alternative prizes, even of a lower value.

The Promoter shall not be held liable in the event of events preventing the smooth running of the Competition that are not attributable to it.

Participants who, in the unquestionable judgment of the Promoters or third parties appointed by the Promoter, participate using means and instruments that are capable of circumventing chance, or in any case judged to be suspicious, fraudulent, or in breach of the normal running of the Competition, will be excluded from participation and will not be able to enjoy any prize won.

Therefore, the Promoters or third parties commissioned by the same, reserve the right to carry out any checks, with respect to all Recipients and in the terms deemed most appropriate (which, for example, include, if deemed necessary, the request for an identity document) and in compliance with applicable laws. All necessary checks will also be carried out, including on the systems of the promoter and associated companies, to verify the existence of the requirements that generated the right to participate.

Any dispute concerning this prize draw, which is not referred to the Ministry of Economic Development, shall be referred to the competent court of law.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the data provided will be used for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations arising from the organization of the Competition (such as, by way of example: reporting, dispatch of prizes, etc.). In this regard and exclusively for the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes, the data may be transmitted to third party companies, as well as to the Public Control Authorities, as provided for by the regulations on prize-winning events.



The Promoter hereby declares that it will not exercise its right of recourse in favor of the winners, pursuant to Article 30 of Presidential Decree No. 600 of 29/09/1973.

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